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Authentic relationships with coffee growers and established supply chains

We’ll work with you to leverage our substantial buying power to source the coffees you want, at the prices you need. Our supply chain and quality standards are secured with robust sourcing policies, advanced planning, quality-based contracts and long term relationships.

  • Strong direct trade relationships provide a long term intent and commitment to proven suppliers at origin, ensuring we are able to resolve quality issues and prioritise our coffee requirements at farm and mill levels
  • Commitment to sourcing quality sustainably, with direct trade, RFA, FTO options.
  • Development of strategic sourcing partners across multiple countries and within local regions to provide redundancy and depth in product supply
  • Considered use of services in brokerage and freight to provide expertise in specialised areas
  • Short and long term contracts lock in pricing to mitigate exposure to currency and market fluctuations
  • Contracts subject to quality standards provide an assurance consistency and accountability within the supply chain