Contract Roasting

YourCoffee™ specialises in providing an end-to-end service from roasting high-quality coffee blends and single origins, through to brand creation and packaging design, in order to meet customer demands across all formats, volumes and market positioning.

Using dual 70kg Loring S70 Peregrine roasters, and a dynamic, LEAN manufacturing process, YourCoffee™ delivers unparalleled consistency, freshness and product versatility to scale.

Summary of Services

  • Fully custom branding and private label options
  • Exclusive blends curated and roasted specifically for your market
  • Reverse engineering of current blend flavours and roast profiles, to mitigate any change in flavour of your current product
  • High quality ancillary products and sustainable packaging options
  • Ongoing product development and quality assurance

We see the creation of an engaging, dynamic culture around coffee as an integral part of growing your business and adding value at every level. YourCoffee™ will work with you to develop a curated coffee program which will facilitate and nurture a strong coffee culture for your brand and/or venues.

Over several stages, YourCoffee™ can assist you to introduce sourcing, product knowledge and innovation to your network and your customers in an authentic and transparent way.

Having strong experience in communicating complex coffee information will assist in developing clear, meaningful messaging for delivery across multiple channels. Further, our marketing team can advise on development of digital and print collateral to deliver information in the most effective and brand orientated approach.


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